“Remember Writers You Have Read …” Laura Lee Bahr’s Article for the The Kerouac Project, March 2022

Remembering writers you haven’t read and

          And why Beat generation women still rock

“‘There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families put them in institutions, they were given electric shock. In the 50’s, if you were male, you could be a rebel, but if you were female, your families had you locked up…I knew them. Someday someone will write about them.’”

(Stephen Scobie, quoting Gregory Corso, who was responding to question why there were so few women on the program celebrating Beat writers, 1994)*

The blessed sense of sheer fortune that I had of being a writer in residence in the Kerouac House—I still dream of my feet on those floors, and recall on the edge of waking what it was to open my eyes there—was tethered to a vague sense of obligation to Kerouac’s productivity. I felt I just had to write as much as I could as fast as I could—true to my own voice and whatever being there could inspire in terms of my own feverish pitch, tone, and volume.

But as I stayed there, I had a creeping sense of his shuffling ghost—not haunting the place but haunting me with his words, his regrets, and his horrors, from his DTs in Big Sur to the will-never-leave-me image of his father crying—The Vanity of Duluoz—as he flushed a nest of baby mice he had found in the apartment down the toilet. And as he was the mascot of my residency, and as I was (and am) a woman who believes spirits, ghosts, and the curative power of the word, I wanted to find some ritual of release for him from the traps of his time, a lack of vision, a tone-deafness to the voices of the women around him. 

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“3 Teachable Moments” Featured in Ghost Parachute

It makes a difference…

Miss Adams is attending a teacher’s conference. The mascot of the conference is the starfish. The individual sessions are modeling how to integrate a theme across disciplines. The starfish is the mascot because of that allegory about the man throwing beached starfish back into the water who would otherwise die. There are like… millions of beached, dying starfish so it is a pointless pursuit, which a bystander points out. “You can’t save them all,” the bystander says. “So what difference does it make?”

The man throws a starfish into the water saying, “It makes a difference to that one.”

Earnest—mostly white, mostly female—faces nodding. They are all starfish savers, making a difference to that one.

Miss Adams usually tears up at metaphors like this, and this is no exception.

But the science model-lesson, where they are dissecting starfish, makes her feel extremely uncomfortable. 

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Brett J Barr is an artist/ tattooist, born in Easton Pennsylvania. He grew up in Daytona Beach, moved to Orlando FL in 1997 and now resides in Chuluota, FL. Aside from tattooing at Built 4 Speed Tattoo in Orlando, Brett enjoys many different art forms such as graphite, charcoal, paint, pen and ink, mixed media/ graphic design, woodworking miniatures and studies classical guitar.

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Wanna Hear a Story? Laura Lee Bahr Reads Her Short Story “Tame”

A fish tank holds a red devil, blood parrot and flowerhorn cichlid.

They swim back and forth, forth and back.

A tiny leak at the bottom of the tank where the caulk, dried and cracked, has loosened from the glass, drips down the back of the stand where the tank lives to calm the almost hairless primates, who wait with creatures they own to see the all in one dentist, doctor, euthanizer.

A gold-eyed feline cries in its carrier while a beagle-mix on a leash sits on a lap, shaking all over.

They have nothing to say to each other – not cat, dog nor fish.

The fish don’t even notice what is beyond the glass, but cat and dog do not feel it is worth mentioning to the other any of the old speciest issues, considering the jam they’re in.

They know where they are is not a good place to be…

Read the full story here: https://ghostparachute.com/issue/may-2018-issue/tame/

About Ghost Parachute

Ghost Parachute seeks to publish writing that is unapologetically bold. We wish to lose ourselves in fresh and vibrant imagery. We want to read what we’ve always known but were too afraid to say. We want to read a story unlike any other story we’ve read before. It’s easy to view the world in black and white, so Ghost Parachute paints a streak of gray. Great stories don’t ride the popular, easy narrative, and great characters are often impossible to love yet we love them anyway. We aim to unleash the spider behind the rose and dance in the surreal. http://ghostparachute.com/

Interviewing the Unorthodox: Chris Kelso, Laura Lee Bahr, and the Short Film STRANGE BIRD

By Amy M. Vaughn, Babou 691, December 7, 2020

Our guests today may not need much introduction since both are heavyweights in their fields. Chris Kelso is the author of an enormous and phenomenal body of work, including most recently The DREGS Trilogy and the forthcoming nonfiction Burroughs in Scotland. Laura Lee Bahr is no less prolific. She’s been featured in several anthologies, published three novels (including the Fungasm classic Haunt), and written three feature-length screenplays, one of which, Boned, she also directed.

Both talented creatives in their own rights, we would expect that when they team up—as they did for the screenplay of Bahr’s 2019 short film Strange Bird—the result would be nothing short of exceptional, and we would be right.

Hopefully both Bahr and Kelso will be game for individual interviews with Babou 691 in the future, and we’ll be able to get into their ongoing and future projects. But for this interview, we’re keeping it all Strange Bird.

Read the interview here.

Haunt Featured in BookRiot’s “What’s that? 20 of the best mystery books you’ve never heard of!”

Thanks so much Liberty Hardy and Book Riot for including Haunt in “What’s that? 20 of the best mystery books you’ve never heard of!” https://bookriot.com/the-best-mystery-books-youve-never-heard-of/

“Do you like your mysteries weird and twisty? Then buckle in! This is a bizarre, gritty Los Angeles noir that is almost hard to describe. “You” are the detective of this story, but good luck figuring out what is going on as you search for clues about a dead woman who haunts you.”


Creator Convo with the Team Behind RED RIDING HOODS, hosted by mama.film, moderated by Laura Lee Bahr

We’re celebrating the witching hour with our friends at the female-founded, horror podcasting network @violethourmedia. Check out our Creator Convo with the team behind RED RIDING HOODS – writer @davidquirozjr & director @isarahjoybrown – moderated by our friend @lauraleebahr! Hear from David and Sarah about their horror inspirations and why making genre content can feel maternal & more…

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RED RIDING HOODS: A team of “Final Girls” – sole survivors of horrific mass murders – join forces to hunt malevolent entities while uncovering the apocalyptic conspiracy uniting them.

Starring Hayley Pullos (General Hospital), Sam Doumit (The Hot Chick), Gina Kim, Mikayla Bartholomew (King Richard) and Carolyn Hennesy (Terminator 3, True Blood, Cougar Town.)