50 shades of purple

The quest continues for me to make a drink worthy of the title “The Donny Osmond”. It must be a drink that a.) I want to drink and b.) is a radiant shade of purple.
The quest has been on since my last post (so yes, over a month).

But in that month I have been heavily experimenting:


Obviously an appropriately named Donny Osmond should be a virgin drink—but, I was given help with this name by Ryan Siebrasse- credit where credit is due—the drink should be called The Stiff Donny Osmond.
What I have so far is a jar of rejected Donny Osmonds (some made with Jagermeister, cherry liquor, etc.) in the fridge—the “I’ll drink it if I am out of alcohol and desperate” b/c everyone knows I hate to throw alcohol away. (ditto post-it notes, receipts, gum wrapper I can write reminder notes on, etc.) so, in my fridge, next to my giant scoby for Kombucha (which I will get around to making again soon) I also have a discarded jar of Donny Osmonds. If the two mated, who knows what crazy healing and horribly hang-over inducing child they might have. Who would be crazy enough to try such a thing? (Hey- maybe this is my next drink! Kombuca/discarded D.Os.)
Right now the best I have is this:
Cranberry juice
Squeeze of lemon (or it’s just waaaaay too sweet, even for the singer of Puppy Love.)
Sparkling Blueberry juice

This is drinkable- sweet, fizzy, and enough will knock your purple socks off.
But I am not satisfied. It’s not worthy of the title “the Stiff” for sure.

My friend Dan Adams suggested blackberry schnapps and I got an idea about using half an half.

Blackberry scnapps or blueberry crème de cassis, whiskey and 2% (or whole) milk. Like a white Russian but with whiskey and blackberry schnapps. Still WAAAAAY too sweet for me.

The experiments continue
Manhattan with blackberry scnapps instead of cherry brandy (but still has a cherry) is okay.

Senor Donny Osmond (very good!) Tequila, juice of one lemon, acai, club soda

… Getting the right shade of purple is the difficult thing. The Senor Donny Osmond comes closest become Acai juice is the closest thing to that godly shade of purple. (And honestly, tastes the perfect way for a Donny Osmond. It is totally sweet- because it is most always mixed with a fair amount of sugar, but I wonder what it could do unsweetened. )

So …. it goes on. Last night I even experimented with strawberry ice cream and blueberry juice and jagermeister.
It’s rough work.
But somebody’s got to drink it.