Country is the new Rock n Roll (or, I prefer to drink Marie)

Friends, since the last time I posted i have – in vain – for a YEAR + to create this cocktail. It has been a fridge of concoctions: acai juice cocktail, sangria type mixtures, mixing cranberry with grape, Chambord with Jack, jagermeister with ice-cream (huh?) and then I’d given it up as a pipe dream I’d return to when that pipe-dreaming came back around on the guitar.

That time is now!

The answer was given me when I had stopped looking.  I Bahr-tended my bff’s bday party, and was creating a virgin drink for a lady with a wee bun in her oven, (she brought the juice and just asked for it in a cup with ice) when there before me was the most perfect shade of purple.  And it was sparkling.  Just like his socks circa 1978.


The Donny Osmond1 part vodka (use absolute 100 if you want it to be Deadly Donny Osmond, add 1 Monster Berry/Red Bull if you want Dead and Kicking Donny Osmond)

3 parts TJ’s Sparkling Blueberry Juice

A cherry  (Just like Donny circa Puppy Love)

But wait… there’s more.  Two nights ago, as I tried to re-create the Donny Osmond with Pisco (doesn’t work)  I just threw together a cocktail, which turned out to be a lovely shade of pink and a little bit country.  But it was Famous Author Mykle Hansen who was smart enough to recognize that in looking for something I wanted to drink more than a Donny Osmond, I had created the Marie Osmond.


The Marie

1 part whiskey (that’s your country- I used Spring Mill Bourbon distilled by Colglazier & Hobson, which is really a shame to mix with anything because it is so good straight)

2 parts Cherry Kombucha (yes, that I brewed myself)

1 part lemonade

Top of with Mandarin Lime Hansen’s soda (or any lemon-lime soda is fine)

Couple of cherries (just like D&M back in their “Bringing it All Back to You” days.