5 Ways to Shake Off a Crappy Day


imageThere is something happening. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s Donald Trump. Maybe it’s just the alignment of the stars. I don’t know. But it’s got a lot of us on edge and feeling a little beat up. I know that I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my mojo. You know? That “I can’t do anything. There is nothing I can do. Doing is something that I can not.” feeling? It’s the worst. And I’m pretty much over it. You? Let’s do something then. I need a pick-me-up.

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Fungasm Press

In a culture so bombarded and oversaturated with media that drowning in it is a full-time hazard, the only way for a plucky little small press publisher to get any attention is to BOMBARD IT SOME MORE!!! Only classy, ya know?

It is in that intrepid spirit that we present the first Fungasm Press book trailers. They’re designed to very quickly induce the suggestible viewer to go, “Oh, I wanna read THAT book!”

This morning, we released this mini-movie for Devora Gray’s HUMAN FURNITURE (AND THE QUEST FOR THE PERFECT WOMAN). In it, Scarlett (played by Devora herself) has a “Secret Spy session” in a swanky hotel with indie filmmaker Charles Pinion, who also edited the flick. I wrote, directed, scored, and performed the music with Marc Levinthal (who also engineered), Gavin Templeton on sax, and Laura Lee Bahr. It was a total blast to make, and captures the…

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