Outside the Box: Catching Up with Laura Lee Bahr



Since Ladybox dropped, Vol 1 contributorLaura Lee Bahr has been keeping busy.
To say the least.

Her poetry chapbook AFFIRMATIONS was gorgeous addition to the set, and a little different from her other works.

Her first novel HAUNT has since been translated and released in Spain as FANTASMA.

She’s released her second novel from Fungasm PressLONG FORM RELIGIOUS PORN, and made her directorial debut with BONED, a film she also wrote.

You can watch the entire hilarious wonderful thing by purchasing it fromiTunes or Amazon now! 

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Cosmic Bruja by Leza Cantoral

“I am a child of the univers”


Cosmic Bruja
By Leza Cantoral

art by shin taga Art by Shin Taga

Most dreams fade, but sometimes you have a dream that leaves an indelible impression upon the ridges of your mind, like footprints on wet sand. This is the story of one of those dreams, but in order to tell you the story of the dream I need to tell you the story of my first acid trip.

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…and a bore to those who do neither.

Fungasm Press

I frequently quote a long-dead guy named Horace Walpole (1717-1797): a British politician and writer (as Wikipedia tells us) best remembered for writing the first gothic horror novel on record, THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO.

I haven’t read that book since I was 14 years old, and it barely stuck then, so I can’t argue for or against its merits. But what I can say is that he once uttered one sentence that has stuck with me, the whole of my life, more than almost any other. To whit:

The world is a comedy to those that think; a tragedy to those that feel.”

If there’s one thing I feel almost constantly at the mercy of — every bit as much as the weather, my physical wellbeing, or rampant cultural insanity — it’s sadness. SO MUCH FUCKING SADNESS, accrued to almost every single aspect of living that, frankly, the sorrow…

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