Miss Jean Louis is not my grandma, Louis Jean. Or is she?

My grandmother was a really incredible woman.  She was also the only person I have ever known named Louis Jean.  Even as the years tick by I have never heard of another woman named Louis Jean.

But this year, there appeared this mysterious woman who is “Queen” of an international scavenger hunt who is named Jean Louis. MISS Jean Louis, to be exact.

Like my grandmother in mirror, she is.

They call her “elusive.”  She has 17.1K followers on twitter, and follows only 4, likes only 5. Her pic on twitter indicates a starlet on a bender, but I suspect this is not the ‘real’ Miss Jean Louis. Her tweets are nonsensical, unsettling, out of space and time … just like my grandmother’s comments became as she persevered into her nineties.

My theory is that Miss Jean Louis is actually

a.) a Misha Collins-bot, designed in the alter-ego image of Misha Collins himself


b.) My grandmother speaking to us all from the great beyond.


c.) Both

In any case,  she should ‘like’ more things on Twitter.  And definitely ‘follow’ me. @lauraleebahr is the handle.  I implore you, Miss Jean Louis, to let me know if you are real, if you are my grandmother, and/or if you are a robot Misha Collins!