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Interviewing the Unorthodox: Chris Kelso, Laura Lee Bahr, and the Short Film STRANGE BIRD

By Amy M. Vaughn, Babou 691, December 7, 2020

Our guests today may not need much introduction since both are heavyweights in their fields. Chris Kelso is the author of an enormous and phenomenal body of work, including most recently The DREGS Trilogy and the forthcoming nonfiction Burroughs in Scotland. Laura Lee Bahr is no less prolific. She’s been featured in several anthologies, published three novels (including the Fungasm classic Haunt), and written three feature-length screenplays, one of which, Boned, she also directed.

Both talented creatives in their own rights, we would expect that when they team up—as they did for the screenplay of Bahr’s 2019 short film Strange Bird—the result would be nothing short of exceptional, and we would be right.

Hopefully both Bahr and Kelso will be game for individual interviews with Babou 691 in the future, and we’ll be able to get into their ongoing and future projects. But for this interview, we’re keeping it all Strange Bird.

Read the interview here.

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