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“3 Teachable Moments” Featured in Ghost Parachute

It makes a difference…

Miss Adams is attending a teacher’s conference. The mascot of the conference is the starfish. The individual sessions are modeling how to integrate a theme across disciplines. The starfish is the mascot because of that allegory about the man throwing beached starfish back into the water who would otherwise die. There are like… millions of beached, dying starfish so it is a pointless pursuit, which a bystander points out. “You can’t save them all,” the bystander says. “So what difference does it make?”

The man throws a starfish into the water saying, “It makes a difference to that one.”

Earnest—mostly white, mostly female—faces nodding. They are all starfish savers, making a difference to that one.

Miss Adams usually tears up at metaphors like this, and this is no exception.

But the science model-lesson, where they are dissecting starfish, makes her feel extremely uncomfortable. 

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